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Learn To Unlearn, Relearn

“We must unlearn what we learned because a conditioned mind cannot comprehend the infinite.” – Anonymous Knowledge ‘hard-wired’ into our minds could prevent us from knowing the unknown and accepting the new. Hard-wired knowledge that has been accumulated for a while could become a liability. Therefore, unlearning is equally important as learning. Sometimes, laziness and lack of drive blocks people from unlearning and relearning. Let your brain get wired and…

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Happy Reading. Happy Living!

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” ― Margaret Fuller Wish you all happy book day. One thing was common in all national leaders of the past. It was their hunger for reading books. Elon Musk is an aggressive self-learner. He reads lot of books every week. If you want to unleash your power, read, read and read. Reading nurtures your mind to grow. Reading is like watering a sapling. Reading…