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Reinvent Yourself For The 21st Century

Daniel Pink in his book “The Whole New Mind” has said, “Routine left-brain jobs will get automated.” Degree-driven rote learning has made millions of young minds unemployable. Low visibility into marketplace and huge gap between industry and campus block individuals from developing the right talent. As per the Gallup survey, “66% of the employees are not engaged at work due to career misalignment and stressful learning.” Rainer Strack at the…

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Mindful Reinvention

Do not get stuck in the binary and blocking view of the glass is half empty or half full story. Looking at the glass half empty worryingly with lack of confidence brings you frustration. This pessimistic view do not make anyone happy. Looking at the glass half full but ignoring the empty part could lead to under-utilization of your true potential. It will prison you in the state of illusionary…