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Digitally Empower You

The biggest challenge in this era of digital information age is not lack of information but too much information. Information overload distracts knowledge workers and drains their energy as they spend more time searching through the mountain of information. John Naisbitt said, “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”

Making knowledge seekers to learn effectively and easily and making knowledge workers to perform wisely are all about empowering them with right insight. Technological empowerment can enable insightful decision making, aspiration, and working to perform at the optimal level. Therefore, the knowledge must easily flow through the organization to ensure that everyone gets right knowledge to perform their daily function well.

Digitizing information, learning content and data are vital to make this instant access to relevant knowledge a reality. Digitalization is necessary to ensure that knowledge workers and seekers are empowered with right technology to productively navigate through the knowledge.

Imagine the power of poorest of the poor person in the remotest of the remote village having access to the great lectures of MIT, Stanford, IIT professors and industry experts. Imagine a digital library, well curated and well organized by experts, that can align your aspiration with personal learning navigator to get relevant knowledge at your fingertips nothing more and nothing less.

Democratization of education will transform both schools and colleges. Regimented education, rigid blackboard driven classrooms, and shallow assessment of theoretical knowledge are the designs of the factory era of the 19th century. Nothing is going to block individuals from accessing the world of knowledge. No one can narrow the learning of anyone.

The Empower module of Incredible Mind Masterclass can enlighten you on how to get empowered digitally and wisely to become what you want to become.


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