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Make To Impact. Make An Impact

There are 15 million doctors in the world. Some of them are best of the best in their area of specialization. They heal the pains of people. But, all of them are waiting for ONE PRODUCT, just one product, to fight the Coronavirus and kick it out. Now, you tell me which one makes HUGE impact.

Even from the perspective of proactive healthcare, building immunity and keeping our body fit and energetic, we need healthy food products, both raw and processed. Billions of people across the globe google. Elon Musk, with his intelligence, enjoys being a creator, a creator of Singularity. He wants to make a big impact. I do not have to tell you much about the creators such as Steve Jobs.

More than the lectures of Walter Lewin inside MIT classrooms, the impact his digitized learning content is making to democratize education and digitally empower millions of learners across the globe is mind-blowing.

If you look at the history of any developed nations, you will see plenty of products making big impacts all across the planet. Whether it is Indian spices upto the 17th century, British textile manufacturing from the 18th century, industrial revolution of automobiles in the 19th century, allopathy medicines from America in the 20th century, high quality automobiles and machineries made by Germans in the 19th century, high quality electronics from Japan in the second half of 20th century, household appliances from Korea and China in the beginning of 21st century have created revolution across the globe.

21st century is about holistic design thinking to make sensible products for high sustainability, redesign education, enrich humanity, drive proactive healthcare and solve real problems sensibly. This is time to reinvent. This is time to disrupt everything created with the 19th and 20th century idea.

Learn to create. Learn to think to create creatively! Let the idea of holistic innovations change the way we think, learn, work and live. Let there be enriched human services to take the products to the consumers and deliver happiness. The Incredible Mind Masterclass can enlighten you on developing the ability for infinite imagination.


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