Masterclass: The Art Of Genius

Realize Your Barriers

Regimented rote learning, lack of visibility into the career path, absence of insightful aspiration, and poor cognitive ability lead to high level of unemployability, underemployment and unhappy employment.

Why suffer the stressfully stagnated and disengaged life when you can be empowered to get the right knowledge at your fingertips for navigating yourself towards success.

Break Your Barriers

Learning the art of removing the barriers and unlocking the genius within you can bring you the success and happiness you never imagined. 

Unlock you and show the world who you really are and what you are truly capable of. Let your human excellence become more valuable than the robots at work.

Unlock Your Incredible Mind

Incredible Mind is a holistic learning program for knowledge workers and learners to unlock human intelligence and human consciousness.

Learn to discover yourself, learn to govern yourself, learn to learn, learn to think, learn to team and collaborate, and learn to deliver great work wisely.

For Who

The holistic masterclass Incredible Mind is designed for college students, workforce in knowledge enterprises and career aspirants with decent ambition. Those who got stuck in their career and those who are thinking of entrepreneurship can benefit as well.

If you like to unleash your true potential for optimal experience, Incredible Mind masterclass is definitely for you.

A Mind Opening Masterclass

Masterclass Modules Overview

Reimagine You Creatively

Lack of clarity on the future jobs, possibilities, your aspiration and lack of ability to design your learning roadmap block your progress. Stagnation at work and getting stuck in current career position lead to failures and frustrations.

Reimagine learning module ignites your outside-the-box thinking and helps you connect all the right dots towards success. Reimagine guides you to escape the comfort zone and to drive continuous progress.

Transform You Radically

Individuals who get stuck in the 20th century thinking will not be able to survive in the 21st century. Learning the art of self-transformation techniques brings confidence and clarity to design your progress.

Transform masterclass module is for building expertise necessary to drive self-transformation wisely. Transform shows you the six step approach to redesign yourself for unlocking your true potential.

Become Aware Mindfully

Individuals do not know what they want to become and what they are capable of becoming.

Aware module makes you aware of who you are and what you should become. Aware enlightens you to identify your desire, passion, career aspiration, strengths and weaknesses. Aware brings confidence and insight necessary to script your story of success.

Empower You Digitally

Getting insight into wise autonomy, fine focus, knowledge empowerment and digital empowerment is vital for enabling your success.

Empower is to help knowledge workers and learners to take control of their success. Empower enables you to harness the right insight, wisely decide, develop talent and drive towards success with confidence.

Ignite You Insightfully

Individuals who do not learn the art of thinking, learning, unlearning and relearning miserably struggle in their career life. Everyone is unique, therefore, your learning need to be personalized.

Ignite brings you the insight on how to develop your cognitive ability, creativity and capacity to think, learn and perform sensibly. Ignite drives your deep holistic learning by aligning your career aspiration with the personal learning roadmap.

Execute Work Optimally

As per the Gallup survey, 66% of the employees are not engaged at work. Rote learning makes 90% of the graduates unemployable. Learning the art of experiencing the flow at work for optimum performance can bring you the success you never imagined.

Execute learning module helps you understand workplace and learn how to deliver great work with ease. Execute helps you effectively organize tasks, time, high performance teams, and manage projects the agile way to deliver on time and with high quality.

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About The Author

Lakshman Pillai is a holistic thinker with 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, software innovation, knowledge empowerment, personalized learning, digital excellence, and workplace, education and self-transformation. His entrepreneurial ambition for solving sensibly has inspired him to start Holistic Innovations.

He is a motivational speaker, author of Incredible Mind, Digital Empowerment and Reinvention masterclasses, creator of Transform for Excellence methodology, author of Holistic Workplace for Excellence and the Chief Architect of Smipio holistic software for unleashing human excellence.

Before becoming an Entrepreneur, he was working with Oracle Asia Pacific in Singapore as Manager, Knowledge Systems, and Wipro R&D in Bangalore & USA as Software Engineer. His educational qualification includes MCA from Thiagarajar College of Engineering.