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Power Of Progressive Thinking

What do you see in this picture – a glass half-empty or half-full? People who look at the glass half-empty are tagged as negative thinkers while people who look at the glass half full are tagged as positive thinkers. This binary classification is too dangerous as both kinds of thinking block progress. Do not get stuck in this binary view of looking at the glass either as half empty or half full. Looking at the glass half empty with lack of confidence brings you the feeling of frustration. This pessimistic view do not make anyone happy. Looking at the glass half full with over-confidence but ignoring the empty part could lead to stagnation and under-utilization of your true potential. It will prison you in the state of illusionary satisfaction or illusion of positive thinking.

As you grow up with more capabilities and knowledge, you need to realize that someone filled the glass for you to live and you need to fill more glasses for your own sustainable living and to help others to live. Everyone is responsible to create more space for others and to enjoy progressive life. The glass needs to get bigger as well. Keeping the glass small and saying that my glass is full is the sign of getting ruined in the comfort zone.

For continuous progression and improvement look at the glass half-to-be-filled. Build confidence to learn and have unconditional faith that the gap can be addressed positively. Realization of problems can lead to invention of new solutions. Numbing pain and numbing vulnerability lead to stressful stagnation. At times, the glass may be ‘completely’ full. Becoming too comfortable with this state can lead to stagnation as well. Stagnation destroys opportunities to progress and ultimately lead to slow and steady decay.

Maybe what is filled in the glass is no longer useful for anyone. Maybe the idea has lived its life. This is when fresh thinking and reinvention becomes vital. This is extremely hard to do but we must be mentally prepared to do this when necessary. The glass needs to be emptied and refilled with new thoughts taking you and your institution in a new journey towards the next level of progression.

Kodak is the classic example of highly successful company perishing in rigidity and in the lack of growth mindset to experiment new thinking. Even though one of the employee of Kodak invented the digital photography, the leaders were concerned only about the current revenue and their leadership position in film photography. They put the idea of digital photography in cold storage and the result is shocking.

Kodak lost the current business as well as lost the opportunity to capitalize on the new disruptive technology. The great disruption from outside made Kodak to perish. This great disruption not only revolutionized photography but also democratized photography. This wonderful new technology led to cheaper cameras, convenient film making and eliminated the anxiety to wait for the film processing.

This digital technology has empowered even the people at the bottom of the pyramid to carry a camera and shoot as many pictures they want. There are many more such examples of companies perishing due to lack of vision and rigid thinking blocking continuity.

Very often, existing success become the reason for future failure. When you realize that the glass is half-to-be-filled, make sure what you fill it with is meaningful and useful. Be mindful to create something sensible towards positive and sustainable progress. Keep progressing and never allow the current success fail you in the future. Disrupt or get disrupted.


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