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Reinvent Yourself For The 21st Century

Daniel Pink in his book “The Whole New Mind” has said, “Routine left-brain jobs will get automated.” Degree-driven rote learning has made millions of young minds unemployable. Low visibility into marketplace and huge gap between industry and campus block individuals from developing the right talent. As per the Gallup survey, “66% of the employees are not engaged at work due to career misalignment and stressful learning.”

Rainer Strack at the TED talk “The workforce crisis of 2030” said that “Technology will replace a lot of regular jobs. Not only in the production industry but even in office, workers are in jeopardy and might be replaced by robots, artificial intelligence, big data, or automation”. He also mentioned, “Yes, technology will replace a lot of jobs, but we will also see a lot of new jobs and new skills on the horizon, and that means technology will worsen our overall skill mismatch.”

The Solution

Get digitally empowered to bring right knowledge at your fingertips

Smipio for You, a holistic software platform on cloud by Holistic Innovations, is designed and developed ground up to empower current and future workforce to take control of their career, map competency, learn, and brand themselves in line with their career aspirations. It brings right knowledge at your fingertips and help wisely manage your learning insightfully. Smipio for You helps develop high level of self-sufficiency and stand out from the crowd.

Human beings who got trained like robot can no longer find a decent career. It is time individuals take control of their career, talent development and personal branding and marketing to confidently progress. With this in mind, we have developed six-step transformation approach and a holistic software platform to help individuals reinvent their talent and get ready for better future.

The Six Step Transformation

1. Organize your personal goals and career plan for success.

Get smarter by leveraging the collective insight and get visibility to plan your career path. Identifying right career choice is the essential step toward success and happiness at work.

2. Interact with experts to harness the collective intelligence.

You need to leverage the right platform to stand on the shoulders of experts to see and learn more. Following right persons and networking with experts have positive influence on learning as well as career success.

3. Think from your right brain to insightfully decide and drive.

Mechanical work will get automated or robotized. It is vital to reenergize your right brain to think differently for continuous improvement. Transformation is already happening in workplaces. Therefore, you need to be proactive and prepare in advance if success matters.

4. Learn in line with your career aspiration and possibilities.

Get right knowledge at right time from the digital learning library using personal learning navigator. This will accelerate your talent development, eliminate learning stress, and make your learning sensibly effective.

5. Perform your best by branding your brilliance for right career.

In this highly-crowded marketplace, responsibility lie with individuals to increase visibility, position themselves for the right career opportunities, and enthusiastically work. Your ability to self-govern drives yourself toward sensible progress.

6. Measure your talent and career progress to address gaps on time.

You cannot be in the dark forever. You should get complete clarity on where you are, where your need to go, and when you will get there.

Employability matters to get the right career opportunity. This is applicable for college graduates to embark on the good career path and existing workforce to keep moving up. Continuous learning and career transformation are vital for sustainable success. Reinvent yourself to cope with continuous changes.

The Incredible Mind Masterclass can help you to take control of your career to succeed with great confidence.


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