Software: The Digital Empowerment

Learning to discover yourself, and learning to think, learn and perform help you prepare the ground for your personal growth. To actually drive and accelerate your personal growth, you need to reimagine your future and digitally empower yourself to realize the future you reimagined.

Digitally Empower You

There is brilliance in everyone. You can see the world of opportunities to put your brilliance to work, if you can discover the secret of digitally empowering yourself and unleashing human excellence. 

The secret lies in connecting all the right dots from defining your purpose to navigating you towards the success you truly desire.

The Digital Empowerment

Smipio for You is a holistic software innovation for digitally empowering you to manage your aspiration, develop right talent and become what you want to become. 

Smipio for You helps enhance your personality, cognitive ability, learning, and employability for unleashing your excellence.

Unleash Your Excellence

Smipio Insight is a digital library curated and organized by subject matter expertise. This is the foundation of Smipio.

Smipio Govern drives you with autonomy and insight to help you manage yourself smartly in line with your aspiration. It helps you script your own story of success.

Smipio Focus enables you to define your career, list your goals, learn sensibly, brand yourself for right job opportunity, and drive your progress with great clarity.

Smipio Skill helps map current and required skills based on career goals and plan your skill development in line with your skills gap.

Smipio Learn is a personal learning navigator for personalized learning. Smipio Learn brings right knowledge at fingertips and helps navigate to related knowledge for deep learning.

Smipio Interact connects you to experts and build social network. You can ask the experts and interact with them to get good suggestions.

Smipio Group enables you to build task groups based on the talent profile, assign tasks, and monitor the group activities and progress.

Smipio Work enables you to manage your tasks the agile way, prioritize, focus on your real purpose without getting distracted, and make better use of your valuable time.

Smipio Invent helps organize goals, manage ideas, enrich your ability to think and help manage the reinvention.

Smipio Grow brings visibility on your learning progress, competency development and task performance. Based on the insight, you can address the gaps on time.